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You could also try looking into Echo1 Genesis M4s... Not much of an expert on airsoft stuff yet but since I am basically in the same position as you, you can trust that I've used most of my time researching all available options lol. Its a polymer bodied gun, and around the 200-250 price range. So what it comes down to is: plastic VS metal. All the reviews I found for the Genesis say that it has really good internals, but shoots hot out of the box so you're gonna have to buy a spring and get it downgraded if you wanna be skirmishing it. In conclusion, if you don't mind not having a metal gun - and you want mid-high quality internals, get the Genesis.

If you want a metal M4, I heard that the King Arms M4 is a good place to start. I also heard DBOYS guns have really nice externals; but keep in mind that the thing with metal guns in the affordable price range is that they might look good on the outside - but there's a likelihood you're gonna have to spend money working on internals.

Personally though, once you get AV'd look around the classifieds and see if you can get a used VFC, etc. or anything that's already been in good hands. I heard you can get pretty nice deals there. That's what i'm planning to do.

PS: Have you considered getting a GBB pistol at all? Also if you have the time and money, go with your friends to a field, rent a gun, and play! Then maybe the decision process would be easier. Good luck!

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