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Like using recreational drugs, concealing and unlawfully transporting a firearm is illegal. You may disagree with the law, you may think it's silly, you may find it inconvenient, but it's still illegal. If you choose to break the law, you have broken the law. If you don't get caught breaking the law, and especially if you're insulated by a group which also enjoys casually breaking the law, you're still breaking the law.

If you choose to break the law, as an adult, that's your choice.
HOWEVER, if you get caught breaking the law, you own it. You deserve whatever you get.
With unregulated firearms, you get the full brunt of criminal charges related to firearms. Or, you know, shot dead.
In addition, as with recreational drugs, bringing down heat on everyone around you by flashing your habit and taking unnecessary risks is both stupid and frowned upon.
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