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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
You mean the mailman is failing to do his job, his ONE JOB of delivering mail from point A to point B? It's literally his one job to get your mail to your designated place of delivery... It's egregious that domestic parcels are being flopped on, let alone international.

Why was "she" not surprised?
Originally Posted by Ecks View Post
I ordered a couple of mags from recently. Checked the tracking info on Friday, said it was in my mail box. Go and check, see the key open the parcel compartment. No parcel. WTF! Went to the outlet, they confirmed it was out, told her what happened, she didn't seem surprised. Gave me a number called yesterday. Made a complaint. Today it got there. This is what my taxes are going towards. No thanks. At least I did get my items without too much fuss. I don't need any more of that in my life.
So for about the tenth time. A lot of online tracking is not real time. It's predictive based on where it's coming from and where it's going.

There are no Mission Impossible style GPS tags in the stamps feeding the location back to Canada Post's Tactical Operations Center.
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