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Originally Posted by Datawraith View Post
Pesto, I thought that it was still alright if we stuff it into a backpack or a case for musical instruments. It makes more sense to carry it discreetly especially on public transit rather than bringing aboard a visible gun case. It should be okay as long as it is transported in a safe and non-visible manner right? Let me know if I'm wrong on this.
Carrying "discreetly" is the same as concealing. You are hiding what it is, as f it isn't supposed to be there. I walk on the street with a gun case and nobody cares. If you have a soft guitar case with something possibly gun shaped and obviously not a guitar, you might get in shit. TTC has a bylaw that prohibits Airsoft guns. GRT didn't have one, so I used to carry them on the buses. One driver got scared, so I explained everything to her and she was okay with it. I called afterward to clarify, and the GRT decided to ban them. I actually wrote a thread on this a few years back.
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