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Originally Posted by Anvil View Post
Unfortunately I have not yet been age verified and therefor lack the permissions required to view that link. (Or at least I think that's why I'm not able to see it.)
I'll recap it for you.

Once there was a group of firearms enthusiasts who felt people who owned airsoft were a group of sub human mongoloid short bus riding idiots who were doing as much damage to firearms ownership as Wendy Cukier. Any wiff of that and they were on a person with a flame war that was unceasing. It was like being outed as gay in the 40s.

One day a lawyer who was a driving force behind this group decided to take on a case of a welfare/workman's comp cheat/utter shitpump who also happened to be a phony gangster. He liked to use a Pellet Gun (not airsoft) to show how he was going to "pop a cap in yo ass yo". Unsurprisingly they lost and said shitpump was found guilty.

At that point they employed the cunning stunt of using their failure as a membership drive and their shills signed up on this very website to tell us that the only hope of "saving" airsoft in Canada was to pay them some money to defend us. They couldn't hide their condescension though so while explaining what a bunch children we were and didn't understand the real world they all had epic meltdowns and went away.

Short form, nothing has changed. Follow common sense rules. Transport it cased and otherwise out of sight. Don't brandish it in your front yard, and so on.
Airsoft, where nothing is hurt but feelings.
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