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Thanks everyone for your advices it really helped me before getting my first rifle. I know a couple of people said that G&G is crap but I've also seen good things about this company.

So I just bought a used G&G TR16 TopTech R4 Commando for $200. It came with a 9,6V / 1600mah battery, a smart charger, a sling, and a front grip. Apparently the person bought it last summer and used it around 4 games. I have to say that the body is still in pristine condition and there is no scratch. I did a couple of indoor shooting and everything seems to work fine. Can't wait to test it in a game now!!

Also I have played airsoft for a full day last weekend with a rental AEG (G&G CM16 Raider-L) and i absolutely loved it!

Again, thanks to everyone that answered my questions and gave me some advices!
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