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pestobanana, you have it backwards LCT is the one that comes pre-upgraded from the factory. Which explains the extra pricing. The LCT I didn't even bother changing out the internals. I Rhop'd it with a prommy 6.05 and a prommy purple and I'm satisfied to say the least. E&L is the better upgrade platform, with the ok internals, that I'd change ASAP anyways. Either one is great for the buck but my vote still goes to the LCT for QC and overall quality, the seemingly unlimited amount of after market parts available and compatibility with DaytonaGun and Zenit accessories. E&L requires heavy modification for both things mentioned. IF* Hydrogenius ever decides on either in his airsoft career. Hope this somewhat helps!
It helps a whole ton! I'm just looking for tons of inputs and I'm learning more and more about various companies and it's quite nice. I thoroughly enjoy it and am very grateful.

As of now, I've taken G&G out of my lineup and am really leaning towards the LCT side. VFC and E&L seem pretty good, and the externals and look of the AK's look great, but as you said and after really doing a lot of research on them, it appears that LCT DOES have more compatible parts available.

So, unless anyone really wants to go against it, I'm thinking about going for an LCT LCKM.
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