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Originally Posted by AnthonyG View Post
or my postal carrier is a thief.
The dude does nothing but deliver packages all day. I'm sure he has better things to do than to:
a) Pre-memorize every single package he is going to deliver a week in advance, so that when your sister asks "when are you going to deliver the package", he does NOT have a confused look.
b) Memorize every single package he's ever delivered in the past several weeks, so he can tell you where he delivered your generic package.
c) Steal random packages in the hopes that it's something good and that he won't get caught.

If you go to the library to try check out an in-stock book, and then find that isn't on the shelf it's supposed to be, you don't turn to the librarian and say "where's the book?! Who checked it out?! You must know exactly who checked out this exact book!" and then claim that the librarian was acting fishy, and stealing books you wanted to read.

It's a misdelivered package that either your neighbor stole when it was delivered to them, or that a passerby stole when they saw the opportunity.
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