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So... More runarounds on all fronts.

The best information Canada Post offered was they confirmed the GPS location of the truck at the posted time of delivery. Great... already knew they were on my street, when they said they were on my street.

Seller insists a signature was required on delivery. Not much I can do about that, I've already told Canada Post this and they said they did not have a signature requirement. So either Canada Post or my seller made an error with not ensuring a signature was required.

My local postal carrier has also been fishy. The week I should have had the package delivered, my sister asked him a few days after the posted delivery if he was going to deliver the package, and he gave her a confused look. Asked him again this Monday and he said it should have been him who did the deliveries on that date, but he wasn't sure and doesn't remember anything. Canada Post confirmed it was my regular driver, but they never confirmed where he "safe dropped" it.

My front step is pretty much visible from the street, so either he dropped it and it was stolen before anyone from my house walked outside, or my postal carrier is a thief.

Either way I'm upset that I didn't get my package, and even more upset that there are package-stealers lurking out their waiting to pounce.

Will be starting a claim against my eBay seller for not putting a signature requirement and not insuring my package. We'll see how far that gets.
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