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I had a mostly stock KA M4. I shattered the piston and blew a bearing. The stock wiring is also garbage (like any AEG basically) and replace the stock wiring with 16AWG wire from a hobby shop. That+new piston set+better shim job greatly increased trigger response and ROF.

Basically any sub 500$ AEG is going to have minor issues. If you are technically minded, you can greatly improve the performance of an AEG for basically free.
I'm aware that for the price it will break at some point and probably before a $500 AEG. However, I'll start with a cheap ($150-$250) one. It will allow me to learn how to repair it and upgrade it myself without being scared of throwing $500 away.

When I have more experience I'll probably look to buy a new $400+ rifle for my primary. This cheap one will be my fall back plan if I have an issue with my primary, or to lend to my friends so no need to be a expensive one.

As I am really looking forward my first game, I'll try to buy that G&G Top tech commando for $200-$240 if it's in fine condition. If it doesn't work and I don't really find a good deal on a used basic gun, I'll probably look for a new one (KA M4A1 or G&G CM16) to get it fast and start playing without worrying about any possible problem for the first couple months.

Thanks everyone for your great advice! If you think I am going in the wrong direction let me know!
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