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Originally Posted by Kanuk View Post
I have seen a King Arms M4A1 full metal for $255 at a store nearby. The reviews say some good things about it. Apparently it has good internals for the price and can be easily upgraded when you want.

Thanks for the advice!
I had a mostly stock KA M4. I shattered the piston and blew a bearing. The stock wiring is also garbage (like any AEG basically) and replace the stock wiring with 16AWG wire from a hobby shop. That+new piston set+better shim job greatly increased trigger response and ROF.

Basically any sub 500$ AEG is going to have minor issues. If you are technically minded, you can greatly improve the performance of an AEG for basically free.
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1+1 = 2
Were you maybe expecting 1+1 = donut?
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