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Originally Posted by TheGamerXxX View Post
I've contacted every verifier in MB. Got only 2 replies. (Out of how many we have on the list?)

One said he can AV. Never got back to me after that.

Second (Priest) would involve me driving out of town for him to look at me and go "yup, you look over 18 (going on 35) so pretty ridiculous to drive so far to just get my ID looked at.

Haven't been to any games yet as I do mostly XT for now

I've been saying AV was going to go just the way it has 10+ years ago. Names on the list, nobody wants to do it.

As for me not being me. Do you re- AV every few years? What about hacked:lost accounts.

If there's a will there's a way, so far all I can do is crackbook/retailer
1) yes verifiers are known members and a fair amount I actually know in person.

2) they are checked periodically for activity and when we have time (remember we are all volunteers) we update the lists.

3) Our verifiers many times go out of their way to drive and meet with people, so why is it so wrong that at times they as you to do the same (remember once again they are volunteering their time to help you)

4) I personally have verified people over 2000kms away from my house, so for you to travel what 50kms maybe is pretty minor in comparism and sounds silly to whine about such a small distance (heck most "local" games I have verified at are 103kms from my house).

5) do not like the system, we do not care it is the rules here, you want to play in our sandbox and enjoy the perks follow our rules.

6) nuff said, thread locked.
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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