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Originally Posted by Kanuk View Post
Yes I'll try the game first before buying anything.

Why is G&G trash? I have read and watched a lot of reviews, comments, and feedback and the general consensus was that it is good for the price. Weak parts are apparently the gearbox and the hop up but other than that you could buy one and be good for a couple of years. I'm not saying you're wrong I am only curious to know why it's crap? Is it the internals? The externals? The durability or the accuracy? Did you have bad experience? You see a lot of people with issues? You saw bad reviews on that? Thanks for giving a bit more info before I decide to buy one!

Wow months would take a long time. But I get that it's voluntary so I won't complain. I hope I can wait that long!

All G&G blowback on their AEG are now pneumatic. Apparently it gives less stress on the gear but you can lose around 20fps.
G&G is trash because it's got a plastic body with proprietary dimensions along with a gearbox which also has some proprietary dimensions that is neither robust, nor dependable in harsh conditions.

It is for these reasons that even in Hong Kong, NOBODY buys these rifles (and KJW M4 GBBs for that matter).

Even if you buy under the assumption that you'll use it till it breaks and then replace parts, you'll save more money by buying something a bit better such as a VFC. At the very least, if you try out airsoft and think you like it, grab a King Arms M4 which is at a comparable price and has a full metal body. King Arms dimensions are compatible with 90% of the manufacturers out there minus Ares, VFC, G&P, and obviously G&G though you can modify G&P uppers to fit on KA lowers.

Having bought plastic and metal guns before, I can tell you that plastic guns feel very unsatisfying and are definitely not very durable in the long run if you intend on playing outdoors a lot. Therefore, it's much better to buy a full metal rifle in your price range rather than buy a plastic rifle if you plan on staying in this hobby.

Edit: I recommend staying away from most EBBs as well since they tend to invite dust and dirt into your gearbox and don't offer as much realism as an EBB with recoil mechanism.

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