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Originally Posted by Chillyrabbit View Post
Little surprised at how popular plate carriers are to carry gear. I think for someone new a basic 50$ chest rig could work just as well since unless you milsim, all you really need on the field is magazines of bb's. Since basic skirmishes don't last too long, and you can water up whenever you take a break.
I don't know for everyone but personally I think the plate carriers look tacticool. I'll definitively not start with one in the beginning so I'll look for something on the cheaper side.

Originally Posted by Datawraith View Post
I wouldn't even get a rig at all to begin with. Just go and try playing a few games and see how you like it. New players can run around with tactical maracas (high-caps) or get a few midcaps and stuff them in your pockets or something.
Good advice, I think I'll start with nothing but the highcap for the first few games I play. I'll continue to look for maybe a belt with a 2 mags pouch and a dump pouch so I can carry a couple of midcap mag without spending too much. It will allow me to see others looks and talk with people so I can see what are my options and what I ultimately want to go with.

Originally Posted by 8bitninja View Post
Good luck and have fun! Don't get too hung up on what to buy yet unless you're an impulsive shopper (unfortunately I am). I dropped around $2500 before my first game, and a lot of it will soon benefit AVers... Once my AV status changes
I would say that I am the opposite of an impulsive buyer. Always reading reviews, trying to verify if the deal is worth it, changing my mind a hundred time, and finally buying it (or not) after hundreds of hours of deliberation. But in this case looking at all the rifles, all the gears, and all the accessories, I wished I could have a few thousands bucks to spare and just go all in in this! Unfortunately I don't and will go step by step.
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