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New, looking for first airsoft rifle

If you have money and are sure you want to play, get a few form factors to try out. I picked up a EBB TM G36, CYMA MP5K, TM G26, WE M84, KWA G17 and WE G27. Tons of mags and accessories. Played a little and found my sweet spot.

If you don't have the dough, go to your desired events/fields and see what everyone else runs. Doing armchair reading I thought my EBB TM G36 would be king, but ultimately finding the MP5K more my style.

Good luck and have fun! Don't get too hung up on what to buy yet unless you're an impulsive shopper (unfortunately I am). I dropped around $2500 before my first game, and a lot of it will soon benefit AVers... Once my AV status changes
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