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Got a bit farther today than I have in previous days.

Visited my Canada Post distribution center. Normally I just get my packages delivered to the nearest shoppers. The guy I talked to at my distribution center basically called all of the shoppers employees a bunch of wannabee amateurs who don't know a whole lot... ha!

He gave me the same number for Customer Service, which I called again. The lady was much more helpful this time. They clearly keep a record of how many times you call because the first thing she said was that she noticed I had already called "a few times" about my package. So... be nice to those poor souls.

Tomorrow I'm going to go in and ask to "speak to a supervisor" at my distribution center and hopefully get in contact with the driver; or at least try to find out if the driver had the correct address, and didn't do something funny like deliver it to a neighbour's, or drop it off at another location.

The seller has been a complete doorknob throughout this whole process. The best I could do was get them to send me a pdf of the shipping receipt. At least now I have the sellers address and number. If all else fails I'm going to start an Ebay Claim.
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