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I wouldn't even get a rig at all to begin with. Just go and try playing a few games and see how you like it. New players can run around with tactical maracas (high-caps) or get a few midcaps and stuff them in your pockets or something.

AV'ing can take a while, give it 2 weeks to a month.

Yes, airsoft can be pretty expensive, but only after you JUST start getting into it. It is the startup cost that is pricey once you decide this is a worthwhile hobby and investment. Then the price of the gear really starts becoming apparent.

G&G TopTechs are actually compared quite often to higher end brands like VFC. Don't confuse them with Combat Machines which are a good beginner gun, but don't hold up against a VFC.

FYI, kijiji's policy actually bans replica firearms, airsoft included.
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