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Originally Posted by Kanuk View Post
Wow... 😐 Didn't know that airsoft could be THAT expensive. And I'm sure that some people can even spend more. Anyway I'll keep it reasonable for the beginning as I have yet to play my first. I'm not to concerned as I have searched, read, and watched for several months now.
Airsoft isn't expensive, when some of us started, it was insane compared to today. When I started in 05, CYMA were commanding between $350-$500 depending on the gun and retailer.

Originally Posted by Kanuk View Post
First step will be to first try it a couple of time and to get age verified. Anyone has an hint of how long it can take? Are we talking days, weeks, or months? I have sent a PM to the age verifier in my area two days ago and I feel like it's not going fast enough (I know I know it's just me being patient, honestly I'm quite eager to get my gear and staprt playing for real)! 😅
Age verifiers are volunteers, it could be days, weeks or months for a meet depending on where you are and then week to months for it to be put through the system to your account

Originally Posted by Kanuk View Post
After I've played my first game I might try to buy the used Top Tech TR16 I saw on Kijiji. According to the comments I received it looks like a good deal! Of course that's if the rifle is in good condition and working. If that deal doesn't work I'll wait to be age verified and look at the classified section for other good deal. How is it usually working for shipping? Is it easy to arrange it? Is it expensive? Or should I try to find a deal in my region to pick it up?
Shipping is based on dimensions and weight of the package. KIJIJI isn't what most view as a legitimate place to buy good stuff for airsoft.

Originally Posted by Kanuk View Post
I have started getting some protective gear as it's the most important thing. Only thing I'm still trying to figure out is the vest. Of course I still have time. I like the Condor Gunner Lifhtweight Plate Carrier as it looks to be a good starting player carrier. I was thinking to start with just a belt with a dump pouch and mag pouch. I would look like a total noob but would allow me to start somewhere while I found a good deal on a carrier. And I will already have some pouches and a belt that I can use. I don't really want to buy a 30-40$ cheap vest if I know I'll buy a new one for 70-80$ a few months later. Good or bad idea? Should I just go with a cheap vest in a different colour that I plan my "future" load out so I'll have two coulour option?
Just get a basic CONDOR plate carrier for the time being. Don't buy a ton of crazy shit. Get some mag pouches, 4-6 magazines on you is a good number for a new player, maybe 4 in the vest and one to put in the gun at game start. Other than that, get some boots with ankle support, camo, a way to carry water (Hydration pack on back of vest is popular and easy), mouthguard and eye protection
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Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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