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Honestly 240 is right around there. I spent 220 on my King Arms M4A1 with an aftermarket rail, magpull accessories, folding grip, cheap red dot and hicap.

Just make sure the battery is in good shape, make sure the gun isnt trashed ect. If the gun is in bad shape cosmetically after 4 games, I couldn't imagine the internal condition. Also try to find out how many rounds he has put through it. One game I only put about 600 rounds through my M4, but a different game I put in the neighborhood of 4000 rounds through it (hopup was broken so I had 0 range and had to lob everything).

As a counter point, on the classifieds right now, there is a full starter kit (gun, mags, battery, case, optic, accessories, camo, vest, helmet and charger) for sale for only 300$. It isn't the best quality gun but it is alright. Deals like this are frequent.

In fact, there is one guy selling a Classic Army M4, with a ton of upgrades and extras plus a full set of gear for a total of 700$. However, I bet you could negotiate him down to less.

Go ahead and buy local if you want, but if you take anything from my post, it is to wait until you are age verified. You will find a fantastic deal here. I would look for someone getting out of the sport or that needs money and low ball them. Just don't get upset if they say no and be reasonable.


Slodin is right about gear costing a lot. But don't get too hung up on that right away. Unless you have $1000 plus to blow on airsoft gear can be had cheap. A vest/plate carrier is completely unnecessary when you first start out. Knee pads can also be dropped until you decide you need them. Most used vest/carriers come with mag pouches so I wouldn't worry about that. I spent 200$ on my goggles, 180$ on my boots, 200$ on my camo and another 100$ on my vest/pouches/holster. In my armory, I have a 150$ revolver, 300$ hicapa, 300$ G18C by Cyma, a 700$ GBBR and a 350$ AEG. That was all purchased this year. So as it stands, I am in for about 2300$. Thats just one season and I am not done. I want to replace my vest, get new camo, get a good radio, upgrade my GBBR/G18C and a few other odds and ends. This isn't a cheap hobby.

That isn't to say you can't get into it cheap of course.
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