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people recommend G&G even if you didn't mention it because you are new..
so might as well buy a working cheap gun and play some rounds to see how you react to the sport. Then you can dump all the money you want if you want to keep on playing.

and tbh, check used. I got a KA full metal for $100. I thought it had problems when I bought it and tested with seller's battery and was going to tear down the gearbox. Then I had the thought that I should try my own batteries. Turned out the semi don't cycle with the seller's battery, mine works fine. I know I sorta got lucky there, but you can find cheaper guns. Just need to check prices before you buy them, people like to price them even higher than a new one sometimes..of course, buying new gives you warranty, although I don't trust any warranty cause I had NEVER had a good warranty service with ANYTHING. (I remember I RMAed my motherboard and they wanted me to pay shipping and $50 repair, that's 70% of a new one)

most of your money probably goes to gear. $50-$100 eye protection, $100 boots, $40-$150 plate carrier, $20 knee pads, $50 3-5 mid caps, $20-50 mag & other pouches...

those are just must have gears. Camo and helmet is another $150 - $200 dollars for the cheap stuff..
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