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Originally Posted by ccyg8774 View Post
Many computer stores have bars or security screens, not in the sense to keep the restricted items in but just to protect the high-valued goods they sell. Computers are expensive, but so are airsoft guns.
It seems like stores in smaller communities around Maritime don't use those as much as the stores in major cities. It is awful such thing happened.
True, that's a company decision. TBH, if someone wants in, you can't stop them. I remember some months back a shopper drug mart's wall was cut or smashed down after work hour by the robbers and took a bunch of expensive stuff.It's pre planned event they got in and out so fast. They had screen doors and such but still got screwed and they are a huge corporation...

Small town stores usually don't do any of those. It's expensive for smaller stores to handle those costs especially relaying on local customers. Not sure about airsoft stores, but real guns profit margin is so minimum that the shops barely make much or even sometimes sell it at cost to keep customers. (I'm just saying that high-value goods doesn't mean it has much profit margin, so it's a lot harder for the smaller guys to put in more security)
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