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Just found someone selling his stock G&G TR16 top tech R4 commando for $240. That's a good drop compared to price for a new one. As far as I know yet it hasn't been upgraded, it's still in excellent condition (according to the seller), and it has been used 4 time. Reason of the sale is that the seller is switching to paintball. It comes with a battery, full metal mag, sling, and the front grip. As I am not yet age verified I can't compare the pricing to what they are usually sold for. Good deal or not?

By the way thanks Naminator for the great info! I have to say that it's been quite informative.

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Would this video still be relevant? it was made 2 years ago and compares the Combat machine and the top tech. Might be worth taking a look.
Wow great find there! I have looked for a video like this but couldn't find anything that useful on the internals. I guess I should have search for the full name (combat machine vs top tech) instead of the model numbers (CM16 vs TR16).

So in conclusion not a lot of big changes but many small details and improvement that will make a difference in the long run?
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