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G&G is a great first gun. The higher level G&G's are basically "shoot till it breaks". First upgrades will be a good battery, good barrel and good bucking. Those are going to be huge factors in consistency in shots at range. Accuracy is your responsibility after all.

After the barrel/bucking/hopup, you will probably move on to internals but it gets pricey. Your best bet is to wait for age verification and try to buy a gun that has a better bucking/barrel already installed. You will generally pay the same for a gun with barrel upgrades as a new one from a store.

I can tell you right now, there are SEVERAL excellent guns in the sub 300$ range on the classifieds. If you where patient, you could snag quality eye protection for 60-80$. Boots if you can find good used ones can be had for sub 100$.

Gear wise, a pair of tan cargo pants, a good belt and a shirt can run you 60$. That leaves about 250 for gun and charger. Most guns, used or new will come with a hicap. That is 300 rounds, should be sufficient. I got 2 7.4v Lipos and a charger for 60$. Batteries are relatively cheap to get. Some guns will even come with a decent battery.

So 500$ is doable, but it will be tight. Save up some scratch and get more mags or upgrade your barrel. Sometimes you can find used parts that where for a build that was stopped. I got 50$ worth of parts for 30$. That 40% off brand new in box parts.

Thats about it. Things you will want eventually:

Gun upgrades
Extra mags
Vest/chest rig
More batteries and gear
Another sidearm
Another gun
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