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If you're limited to just those two, I would go with the combat machine over the top tech. It's a very reliable little gun and easy to upgrade if you feel like it. There are a lot of options for them now if I recall in terms of looks. It's pretty perfect for starting out to see if you like the sport.

I will echo the comments above and tell you invest in good eye protection and comfortable boots. Consider something to protect your teeth too. Stuff like this should be a priority.
I'm not limited to just those two and could go to a different brand. Why the G&G? Just because when I first started looking I went to the cheapest half decent rifle (Combat Machine from G&G). Now that I have read more on this forum I am starting to look at higher quality as it seems that people here recommend to go with a 300 bucks rifle minimum as a first rifle. Top Tech are the first one I looked at because I was already looking at the G&G catalog because of the Combat Machine.

I already ordered my goggles and neck protection. I'll probably buy a mesh mask when I purchase my rifle. For the boots, I'll stick with my good hiking shoes as they are comfortable. Maybe not as good as some good tactical boots, but it will come with time.

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Just go full metal. My first gun was a "canada legal" M16 from G&G. It had a smoked polymer lower. It was a decent enough gun, but honestly, if I could have done it again today I would go full metal. I ditched the plastic and picked up a couple different metal guns. Best decision ever. They just feel right.

Unless weight saving is a concern. Then get a light plastic gun. Honestly if weapons manufacturers could produce cheap, incredibly light but strong plastic assault weapons, armed forces all over the world would be picking them up like 2 dollar blowjobs during shore leave.
Obviously good metal will win over good plastic so I see why it's important for the externals. What about the internals? I didn't a lot of information on the G&G internal parts. Is it important or I'll want to upgrade them before long?

Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate all your comments!
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