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G&G Is a decent first choice.

Spring for full metal. Also these things are like cars, the devalue as SOON as they leave the lot. Buy a lightly used gun from someone on the classifieds before brand new. If you go the used route, avoid "upgraded" guns unless it has been done by someone who knows that they are doing. Someone stuffing a 400FPS spring in a stock gun, running a couple thousand rounds through it then selling it as like-new/upgraded happens.

Take your time selecting a gun. I would also recommend you show up at a game/go to a store and fondle a few different guns. Going to a store won't give you an idea of how much you will want to play with the gun, but it will let you know pretty quick if you don't want to use it. Personally I was really interested in bullpup rifles (specifically the L85/AUG) until I held both of them. The weren't comfortable or ergonomic for me. Just a personal observation.
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