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New, looking for first airsoft rifle


Iím new into the world of airsoft and Iím looking to buy by first rifle. Before you say it, yes I am already in the process to get age verified. I had in mind an initial budget of $400 (could go to $500 if worth it). I am really starting from scratch and have to buy everything (eye and face protection, gloves, camo pants, vest, batteries, charger, extra mags, BBs, speedloader, etc.).

I did a lot of research on this and have kind of settle with a model from G&G. I heard a lot of good things on this brand and that itís perfect for a first AEG. I was looking at the CM16 in particular but am still fully decided between these 2 options:

1. G&G CM16 carbine (or raider I am still not sure)
Affordable at $160 (for the carbine version), it would allow me to invest a bit more on my gear. Good first gun, it would allow me to get started and get some experience before I look to replace it by a high-end rifle. After it would become my second rifle that I can lend to a friend or as a backup.

2. G&G TR16 Top Tech
More expensive at $350 (for the carbine version), it would take a large chunk of my initial budget and I would probably be less equipped. However it would be my main rifle for years to come and would be a platform that I can upgrade in the future. Already pretty solid stock with better internal parts as the CM16, metal body, and the blowback which add a tacticool touch to it.

Of course I know it might not go according to the plan (youíre never safe from an early failure or anything else) but I like the idea of starting with a more basic rifle that will become my backup in 1 or 2 years. So in conclusion, even if I have already read a lot of reviews and that I have a good idea of what I would like, I am still curious to hear what experiences airsofters think!

So I guess my question is: If you had to do everything again today, starting with a small budget, would you go to a decent quality affordable rifle and equip yourself properly or would you spend extra bucks for a high end rifle and cheap on the tactical gear?

Thanks a lot for your help!
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