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Hey OP I was in the same boat as you 3 or 4 weeks ago. I wanted the exact same set up as as you are looking for. I went with a SRC M4 SD Gen lll AEG and a KJW KP06 Hi capa pistol. Pistol is a co2/gas option but I'm going with the co2 for now. The M4 has an upgraded tighter bore barrel and quite accurate for a BB gun. I also purchased the LiPo batteries which made a big difference. I quite like the M4 but I see myself getting a GBBR in the near future. I like the AEG and it shoots well for what I'm using it for but I love the kick of the KP06 and the GBBR feel when firing.

I'm still a noob at this but I have read a lot of good info on this site and still reading more. I haven't gone out to any games yet and I don't really know anyone around Calgary either. I gave my ID info to the guy at Bent Barrel to get age verified but I'm finding this takes a long time to get done. Hopefully it gets done soon because I really want to check out the classifieds before I purchase anything else.



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