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wasnt there already a thread exactly like this?

Beyond all my normal gear I use for scrims (gun, ammo, mags, batteries, etc, etc), for a full 24hr game I also pack;
in my gear bag:
goretex socks
(always have my softshell for rain)
extra socks
2 meals
extra 3-6L of water

extra stuff on me;
night vision
rag for wiping glasses (sweat is REALLY hard to get off with a sweaty shirt)
red strobe dead light (always on me but worth mentioning)

If I do have to take a pack with me into the field, it will contain;
sometimes extra propane
extra ammo
socks (wool and goretex, only peasants wear cotton socks)
softshell jacket
extra food
extra batteries
bugspray, if it's that kind of field
clear and/or dark spare glasses (for day/night)

There's a difference between what you NEED and what you WANT out there.
You can do a 24hr game with nothing more than all your scrim gear, extra food, water, and ammo.
You can bring a tent if you WANT to, but you'll learn you can literally sleep on anything if you NEED to.

The more long games I do, the less I carry.
The second 24hr game I did, I had a USGI sleeping kit, mini stove, full set of goretex, inflatable pillow, tons of extra ammo, goretex socks & gloves, thermal shirt, basically everything I could want out there.
The last 24hr game I did with nothing more than extra food and water, and just carried my night vision on me.
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