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Originally Posted by naminator View Post

PM Hobbycraft has a crap selection, crap parts (Who the fuck sells Swiss Arms barrels?) and staff that have limited knowledge of the product they sell. The gas selection they carry is pitiful, the accessory selection is over priced. The products they sell (King Arms come to mind) is the cheapest version of the lineup they can get. Why would I spend 300-400$ on a plastic gun when I can spend the same for the full metal version elsewhere.
Holy shit I never noticed that, I see the gun in the case but 420$? I bought my King arms Sig 516 for 300$ and its part of their "not cheap line" full metal gun.

Anyways you will also be surprised by what you can get on amazon, specifically eye protection, now that the sale is over and I bought the last ones. I bought a revision bullet ant goggle kit that retails for 120$ but got it for 60$. They still have some revision desert locust goggles that are 25% off on select colors, check them out.
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