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007 Airsoft

Bent Barrel (in Red Dear)

PM Hobby Craft has a small selection of low quality guns (Plastic king arms models)

Black Talon in Okotoks has Polar Star stuff as far as I know.

MR Paintball has a limited selection of airsoft stuff, but I don't particularly like the products they have brought in.

I would get an AEG, maybe a G&G one, and run it bone stock for a while. If you find the accuracy lacking upgrade the barrel/hopup/bucking. A couple cheap upgrades can make your gun much better.

Originally Posted by scottyfox View Post
Not the best prices in the world, in fact quite overpriced but you can at least hold and touch a bit of a selection of Classic Army AEGs at PM Hobbies in both the NE and SE.
Better selection in the SE along with a staff member that know her stuff (ish).
PM Hobbycraft has a crap selection, crap parts (Who the fuck sells Swiss Arms barrels?) and staff that have limited knowledge of the product they sell. The gas selection they carry is pitiful, the accessory selection is over priced. The products they sell (King Arms come to mind) is the cheapest version of the lineup they can get. Why would I spend 300-400$ on a plastic gun when I can spend the same for the full metal version elsewhere.
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1+1 = 2
Were you maybe expecting 1+1 = donut?

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