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revolver lol......
6 some shots aaaannnndddd it's's really ineffective
also most revolver is not CQC rated as in its almost 400 fps without mod..unless somehow a indoor field is okay with 400fps....I think usually CQC is best to use green gas because Co2 tend to shoot very hot..but it really vary from guns :/

Any pistol that holds 20 some rounds are fine with a couple of magazines like 3 is good enough usually. Also choose one that fits your hand. Personally I like glock, because it's small and it fits my hand great, however I messed up and ordered a m9 when I oh well..

2 guns i have used
the sw40f has a weird design where it's safety is on the bottom of the handle...I don't like it...
m9 is a full sized pistol, which is also a pretty good choice. I currently use this and I really don't have any complains..

So it really comes down to sizing, ergonomics, and gas type (brand if u really care)
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