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Canada Post Delivered my Package, but not actually....

So... I'm in somewhat of a funny situation.

I ordered an FMA Fast Helmet off of EBay, from Hong Kong of all places. My tracking number indicates that my package was delivered a week ago today, except it was never actually delivered. The seller sent it as "International Express" so it arrived much sooner than the final delivery date stated on EBay's website.

The funny part is that my Sister was home in bed when the carrier "delivered" the package, heard the Canada Post man knock and ring the doorbell, then got up in time to see him return to his truck and drive off. No package, no delivery notice card left at my door.

I've been to my local post office twice since, and they never received my package either.

Two separate calls to Canada Post yield the typical response, that there's literally nothing I can do, and need to contact the seller to start a claim; even though my sister witnessed the delivery man driving off with my package.

The typical runaround with the seller has also proven to be unfruitful since they insist the package was received by me, and can't be convinced to start a claim.

Ive been patient and waited a week since the package was marked delivered. Now I'm worried CP is going to send my package back to the seller. Trying to decide what to do next. Anyone ever have this problem?

EDIT: see my last post for the outcome.
I would avoid eBay user "" at all costs as a result of their poor customer service and unwillingness you help the buyer solve shipping problems.

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