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So at outdoor games you don't feel your at a disadvantage with your 340fps TM? I've read that TM's shoot soft but the range and accuracy is still there because of the good hop up and barrel. Is that what you find with yours?
No I don't feel at a disadvantage due to somewhat lower FPS. I don't notice any discernible difference between the "soft" shooting TM and the 400fps VFC AEGs I've ran in the past, other than that the TM is consistent, accurate, and a hell of a lot more fun to shoot. The TM also sounds great - I'm constantly getting asked what I'm running and when people shoot it, it's pretty much universally a shit-eating grin that appears once they get on the trigger.

The TM stock hop up is very good. More than equal to the task of lifting .28's at 330fps (you can in fact way overhop .28s at 330 fps) with consistency and accuracy.

Last game out I hit a guy through a 4" gap in a bunker (I know because it's made of 2x4s and one was missing) at about 150 feet with a quick 3 round burst. I don't think that's an amazing shot or anything, but certainly accurate enough for me.

If I could go back and tell my past self to skip the rest and go straight for the TMs, I totally would. It's an outstanding platform overall.
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