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If you want a "sniper" rifle go get a KJW KC02. Semi auto so you aren't hindered by bolt action, decent enough accuracy out of the box with a few free mods, easy to maintain and fun to shoot.

When you get really serious, you get start modding the gun and get some great results out of it.

Also don't worry about all the people with their panties in a wad in this thread. Most people playing airsoft are fairly chill and just want to unwind on the weekend. If you want to get a bolt action go for it. However somethings to be noted.

Bolt actions are expensive to upgrade
Play style is fairly limited (honestly you can simulate the range of a stock cheap bolt action rifle with some of the pump spring shotguns on the market)
Heavy, long, bulky guns (sometimes)
With the flood of cheap options on the market, you get clones of clones with poor tolerances. This ends up with broken guns, which I have experienced first hand.

An entry level AEG is decent, however there are a number of Gas rifles on the market now that don't cost a whole lot, are more fun than AEG's and perform as good if not better than some electric guns.

However this all comes back to one thing. Get what you want, what feels comfortable to you. Also getting AV'd allows you to access a significant number of guns you couldn't otherwise.
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