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C'mon guys, be nice. We are Canadians after all.

OP: The reason people are telling you get an AEG over a sniper rifle is not because we feel you are not operat0r enough to be fielding such a weapon. A stock airsoft sniper rifle basically has no advantage over an AEG. Internally, there is nothing going on that is going to allow you to out range an AEG or beat one in terms of accuracy. You will be stuck with a bolt action weapon, playing against people with upgraded AEGs that are superior to your weapon in every way. You won't have fun.

For a cheap starter AEG, JG is basically the way to go in my opinion.

If you've got your heart set for a bolt action rifle, the Classic Army M24 has had relatively solid reviews. (Disclaimer: I have never owned a bolt action airsoft rifle, the advice I offer here is merely the regurgitation of information I have acquired from other players.)

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