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Originally Posted by daishi View Post
Its seems you kinda just latched onto the first thing that came your way.

You seem to want to be spoon fed information and told exactly what to buy. Instead of slapping out 400+ dollars (after taxes and shipping) why not take some time and look at the PLATHORA of "good starter gun" 'whats the best m4" "Most realistic glock" "What gun should I buy" threads that are out there.

If you want something cool, you can get base m4 variants, and build interesting platforms off of them. Honestly that honey badger looks like crap compared to what you can make with a stock cqb m4 with some after market parts and such. You can do that with hk 416's as well. Another thing you have to take into consideration is do you want the rifle to function like a real one? If so get a GBBR. You don't play competitively so your shouldn't be in a rush.

Go get age verified and grab something off the classifieds, there's tons of stuff available there for cheap and already modified.
You're pretty negative bro.

Go with what you're comfortable with. If that's what you want go for it.
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