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All internals on AEG (Electric guns) are "meh." Depends what you want, if you want better trigger response, you'll need a mosfet, better gears, motor, etc. and run a 11.1v lipo.

VFC's are the best externals for the AR platform, and Real Sword / LCT have the best externals for AK's.


If you want an "ERG" which is an electric gun that has simulated recoil, info is here.

TM Recoil System - $$$
KWA ERG - $$
Bolt M4 - $


If you got a budget, and ultra realistic with recoil to similar to a .22, get a gas blow back rifle.


A lot of people "Plink" with gas blow back pistols and rifles, because of the kick. They do it more for the giggles and fun, they can also be called "chairsofters."


There's a big retailer in Calgary I think, starts with a "B" rest you can google, since it's illegal for us to post links to retailers for non age verified people. You can ask him to bring you in one, else most retailers ship free, after $299.99.

FYI east coast stores are cheaper then west coast (BC OVER PRICED AS ****)
Thanks for the info. Alberta has the least tax so that's a bonus. I think I would like to spend between $400 and $500 on the gun. Then upgrade/accessories. I need a case because I have kids around the house as well.
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