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King Arms

In that order. King Arms is probably your best bet for an entry level full metal AEG. G&G has some decent enough rifles in the same price range. No matter what you get, make sure it is full metal. If you buy a plastic body M4 and want to go metal later you will be spending 100-200$ just to upgrade.

As for gas blow backs, I run a KJW KC02 that is currently in a modded Houge stock off a real 10/22. I love it but I am into the gun for about 700$ right now with all the upgrades, mags ect. I plan on sinking an additional 500$ into it before it is perfect in my eyes.

Nobody said this was a cheap hobby. You should join the Calgary Airsoft facebook group, now with 80% more drama. But seriously if you join the group you will be able to find out about games and such easily. For example there is a post apocalyptic game this weekend and not next week, but the week after there is a big game at warpaint.

Also if you manage to get out to warpaint when I am there, you can try out my KC02
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