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A few months ago, in the game when my shotty first died it was during a "tag" game. The guy who was "it" (WKShuridys) who had to try to shoot anyone else (obviously) realized that my shotty had stopped working and that I was therefore somewhat defenceless, decided to open up on my across a short distance with his M11.
As he strafed back and forth between a few trees, I took cover behind a car and drew my backup springer. I kept popping up to shoot at him, but it was a bit windy and he was far enough that he could see my shots coming and dodge them.
Finally I adjusted for wind and took a shot 45 degrees up and 30 to the right, into the wind. The shot drifted perfectly and pegged him in the chin. He started cursing and yelling that I hit him in the chin. Everyone else told him to stop complainging because he got hit with a spring pistol and it couldn't hurt that much.
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