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Newb with a few Q's

Hey everyone my name is Rob and I live in Calgary AB. Up until a few days ago I never heard of the airsoft sport but I have been reading through a variety of topics on this forum and it's a very informative forum.

A bit more about me. I'm 37 years old, married to an awesome wife, have 2 great kids and I grew up with a father who was an RCMP marksman. At an early age my father taught me how to shoot just using a scoped .22 and I really took to it naturally. We only did target shooting which is what I love and I would like to start showing my kids. I recently bought a very entry level GFM4 and I know there are way better options out there but I'm just starting with this stuff and I will get more. I have been doing some reading here and have a question.

I only really bought this for target shooting. I have read the legal, legislation and policy info stickied on the site. I just want to know if I can shoot targets in my backyard without the cops showing up? I'm not interested in shooting other people yet, I just want to target practice and learn about these guns so when the time comes to do battle I'm not a complete newb.

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