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Oh and no, as DeeJay said, there is no ignition source at all in the venom, it's just a bank of super bright LEDs, which I have specially made for me, that are as close to the colour (or color ) of a real muzzle flash as possible! You can power the Venom from any voltage source between about 6 and 16v, Customers have hidden the battery in various places ( PEQ box, front forward grip, inside the rail etc) it really doesn't take much power, it will run all day on a 9v PP3 battery without any problems. I think when I did the calculations, I came up with 8 hours run time and 4000 shots per 9v battery, but you could run it from a small 2s Lipo without a problem. sorry, I'm waffling on!
I'll go now! Kev
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