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Originally Posted by fretwire View Post
I store my rifles in their bags leaning against the wall in my bedroom.

My pistols are in Plano cases stored in a cupboard. Neither are locked and neither need to be because I don't have kids in my place.
I do the same. Rifles in gear bags or large duffels under the bed/in the closet, pistols and my MP7 in cases in my bedside cabinet.

Originally Posted by fretwire View Post
I keep things out of view just because if you look at these things they do actually look real and I don't want people who come visit walking away wondering what it is they saw.
I'm the same. I live with someone very against weapons, and the last thing I need is a constant argument about weaponry, whether "real" or not. I treat them as real, as they CAN cause bodily harm, even if not necessarily lethal.

Originally Posted by fretwire View Post
The BBs are another matter and that's where the big risk is with my place. I have two cats and if I leave a BB bag out it's pretty much guaranteed that at some point in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT one of my cats will go after the bag and i'll hear a 'thud' followed by the sound of thousands of little plastic balls rolling around.

Makes the next morning a real pain!!!

Actually the cats are probably the main reason I keep the guns in their bags/cases because cat hair tends to collect the most in places you won't want it to.
Dear GOD, this. My cat is an ASSHOLE. Loves to chase springs, BBs, pins, anything that is small enough for him to move with a paw. The last damn thing I need on a daily basis is to be walking on a floor covered in BB gravel.
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