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depending on the play style and how seriously you guys play, a decent basic package (in my opinion for someone getting into the sport at least) is a g&g raider (comes with one high cap mag) thats about 200$, a battery usually goes for anywhere from 10$-80$ depending on nimh/nicad/lipo and voltage and mah. A paintball mask will do the trick. they can be had for about 40$ and bbs about 20-30$. go to an army surplus store, pick up a set of bdu's or even some form of camo style clothing you may have already.
thats just the absolute minimum
current armament:
mk43, ump.45, p90, barret, m14, g33, k98, m4 tac, m4 swat, mp5 navy, vsr10, p226, m9.
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