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Might aswell continue my gearing journey on here instead of making a new post, i guess...

So for my first AEG, i'm pretty much set on a VFC M4ES Defender (420$, just so you tell me if i get ripped), now as far as upgrading the gun, i've been told that changing the Hop-Up rubber was mandatory, is there any kind of brand i need to look at? And should i put a MOSFET to prevent wear. I'll start with a 7.4v Lipo. And do most MOSFET do, i've seen on another thread that i'd only need to make sure it's a 3034?

I'll try to get my hands on a Lipo battery charger (iMAX B6 or iMAX B6 Mini, watching out for clones). As far as batteries go, i've checked the stickies, but didn't find any infos on brands.

As for mags, i've been looking for some Mid caps, i can order some with my AEG, KA 120rd mid caps for 10$ each, but am wondering if i should spend a little more for some PTS Pmags?

Now comes the protection and Rig parts, I'll get a helmet and mesh, but for goggles, what is recommenced? I wear glasses and have been told that i should probably order some disposable contact lenses to prevent even more fogging, i was recommended ESS Striker goggles. The rest of the protection gear, i'll manage on my own.

As for rigs, Pantacs are what i should be looking for, but hard to find? Any other suggestion? I'm looking for a simple MOLLE Rig, something i can put 3 double M4 mags Taco pouches on my right side, and will be able to add a radio and one other pouch later as i continue gearin myself.

And while at it, what do you suggest as sling for the AEG? Any specifics, or it just come to personal preferences?

I think that's all i need for now, for a good start into the hobby. Looking to start my first game in early or mid August. Thanks for your feedbacks.
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