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I'm still relatively new in terms of know-how. As said, I've learned most of what I know from reading through tons of threads here on the forums and asking questions in person. I couldn't count the number of times people have "google it bro"-d people, but all the same, that's usually the underage 15 year olds asking which M4 is the best, or where to get a cheap AK.

Generally speaking, the community is accepting and friendly, once you get used to doing a bit of your own research before asking. We know our shit, and will help you learn it too.

Beyond reading, there are some things just plain better said/explained in person. You can't learn as much about disassembly/cleaning/modding your gear and guns through pictures and forum posts as you can having someone actually takedown their gun and show you right there in front of you. We've all been there.
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