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Originally Posted by highny View Post
Mmmm good point. Just wasn't sure what keywords to google. I'll give it a go and see what I find.

Little off topic but I'm actually looking for an AK scope... The elcan look kind of weird of it anyways. Any suggestions on AK scope? Like brand etc? I have a feeling it might be illegal to get a legit one in Canada.
Optics are not restricted...
there is a guy here is selling a real PK-01Vi Red dot for 200 dosh. (or so he claims)
But hey, you can search it up..I don't suppose to i can say the place or link.
if you really want PM me and i can give you the link since you are AV'd..
also check out the sales on the forum..they might have one..

anyway. I don't see many russian optics here. So maybe ship over seas..but again, you can't test it before it gets here. It didn't seem that common that AK's have optics anyway XD
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