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Originally Posted by AnthonyG View Post
I've got somewhat of a moral dilemma.

I placed an order for 2 Nagoya Antennas on Ebay at the beginning of May, delivered from Taiwan. The package had an expected delivery which ended on June 7th. I waited until June 12th before contacting the seller, since my tacking number had never become active.

On June 18th, after the seller checked with the post office, they decided to refund me, even though I asked for a replacement to be sent.

On June 19th I placed a new order for the exact same antennas; however, just today I received a mystery notice from Canada Post that a package is available for me at the post office (I'm assuming this is my original radio order since it would be too fast for the second order to arrive).

So I'm potentially stuck in a scenario where I'll recieve both of my orders, having only paid for 1.

What should I do? Do I keep both packages since the first one was way past the expected delivery? Do I send the first one back (keep in mind the value of the package is only about $20)?
Would I be a douche to keep both?
Does anyone want to buy an antenna?
Contact them, explain what has happened. Package likely got lost or rerouted somewhere (happens all the time) for a little while, and ended up arriving. Ask what you want to do with the second antennas. If anything, if the seller offers to let you keep it I'd suggest offering to send them an extra 5-10 bucks just because it'd be the nice thing to do and pay it forward, yada yada yada.

If the seller wants it shipped back, begin negotiations for a similar payout since it would be more expensive to pay for return shipping than it would be to just compensate the seller for it. Shipping from Canada to Taiwan is not the same as shipping from Taiwan to Canada.

At the end of the day there are worse things than having a couple of antennas laying around, as I am 100% sure you will find a use for them or find someone who wants them.
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