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Hey everyone,

I'm at a loss now, I was thinking of getting a VFC M4 CQB(Defender or Dagger, adding a red dot), then i've been told i could spend less (200-300$ range) to get something equivalent to a VFC M4 CQB like an Ares, King Arms, Cyma, ICS, G&G. I was told that any AEG are made to break, i don't mind having to repair my AEG, in fact i am looking forward to it, except not right off the bat. My question is, can i get something equivalent to a VFC and still get good accuracy, distance, consistency and reliability? Because those are number one criteras for me.

And should i get something cheaper then a VFC to begin with? Budget isn't really tight, i was looking in the range of 500-600$ for an AEG. Just looking for a good AEG with the qualities mentioned before, that could last me 1-2 years or more before i have enough experience to get a better gun.

Edit: While i'm at it, if you have any other rifle you'd want to suggest, that looks like a M4 CQB, i'm open for any suggestion. I've handled a Cyma MP5, which was nice, but feel it might be too compact and mags are longer and slimmer (which, i could change for "baby" mags?) . The lenght of the M4 CQB feels right to me, the looks too, but haven't put a cross on the MP5, yet. I was thinking of the Umarex UMP too, but then again was told to think twice about my decision. I'm just looking for options i might have. From what i've seen the M4 looks like a solid choice from most of the posts on the forums.

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