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If this thread is not allowed then please do delete it. I did not make this thread to alert the community of a possible scammer/fraudster, I made the thread to get the opinion of the community on the matter. While I have read the FAQs on what to do when you are scammed I felt my situation was unique as the person I am dealing with recently had his father admitted to the hospital in critical and life threatening condition. At the moment I have slight reason to believe I have been scammed but I cannot say with 100% certainty. I have called the workplace of the person in question and the receptionist has confirmed his excuse and he has indeed taken time off of work to attend to his family/personal matters. The work place is a reputable business in the community (from google reviews and other sites) and has been in business for many years. I have no reason to believe they are lying to me or in on it with him.

While my opinion on the matter still remains that it is not good business to delay shipping for so long and not keep me updated, at the moment I feel the issue is only worthy of a negative trader rating with a lengthy comment. I have given the person until Monday June 22nd to contact me before I go full out and contact the local authorities and admins of ASC. Once this time has passed I will definitely let the community know about the person in question. Regardless, admins feel free to close this thread down. I have gotten the information I sought. I will update on Monday the 22nd if the thread is still up and alert the community along with all PMs.
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