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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
It's better to leave the name of an individual out unless you are 100% sure you've been screwed. It saves from ruining an individual's reputation without verifying all the facts, because allegations are still allegations and unverified. People might take it for truth and make faulty conclusions.

These kinds of posts are, in all fairness, moot in general because it's really the mod/admin's job to deal with scammers, even if the name is mentioned in the forum post.
I disagree,... it you have paid someone and they will not respond to messages (even after they have logged in and know they have a message) once days turn into weeks it is time to call the person out.

I'm sorry, but I work hard for my money and if someone tries to scam me I'll make sure they are sorry and do whatever I can to ensure that no one else gets screwed.
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